Cyrano dating agency recap ep

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Kek 2 years ago
Because I could tell he was getting more distant with me. When I would call him, he’d barely say two words to me and spend all night playing his video games. Then right after New Year’s Eve, he wouldn’t answer my calls, texts or emails for an entire week and I was so stressed out about the thought of something bad having happened to him that I ended up rendering myself catatonic at work and got shipped off to the hospital for blacking out and hitting the floor. When I managed to get ahold of him the next day and told him I had been hospitalized, he didn’t even care. When I asked why he didn’t answer any of my attempts to reach him, he said he “had been busy” and that was the last straw for me. I told him I couldn’t keep doing this and he didn’t even care so I hung up on him and moved on.
Banris 2 years ago
Such a good lady! Daddy Luvs U!
Nikor 2 years ago
He fucked the Hell of of her real good, then fed her. Alot of muscle jizz.
Kagajin 2 years ago
Can I get your contact so that I can write you please
Voodoosar 2 years ago
Thnx for the add babe. Look forward to hearing from you.

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