Asian mom jokes

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Kegar 2 years ago
What is the FBI's position on Antifa? They don't consider them an extremist group?
Kigajind 2 years ago
So sexi doll. lookn good
Felkis 2 years ago
This reminds me of the dozen or so foreign exchange students from China, that I fucked over two years of school. If you were decent looking and in decent form, it was as effortless as being the very first to treatment the skimpy, confused youthful ladies and they would let you fuck. I would make sure to invite them over a few times and talk my way up every fuckhole in their figure before sending them on their way with my stamp all over LOL
Mijora 2 years ago
A computer and a TV destroyed in less than a week? And the kids weren't punished? And mom demanded they be replaced INSTEAD of punishing them? And the gf thinks because you can afford it you should open up an all-expenses paid electronics store for them every time they break something?

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