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Vutaxe 1 year ago
Whack-a-mole using your Dick, duck-tape feather duster/or light broom onto Dick, proceed. in place of moles, use goes of cabbage or puny pillows packaged in a T-shirt or cushion case.If all else fails, fuck 'whack-a-mole and just dip your Dick into a jar of mayonnaise (Preferably room temperature let sit for 5 mins, use feather duster on your nips, finger asshole and repeat as needed or until you pass out. (Bottle of Jack Daniels or Jameson Irish whiskey very recommended)
Mausida 1 year ago
Bitch you're amazing! I love hearing you fart.
Tokasa 1 year ago
This man groans more then his twelve hundred step sisters combined.
JoJoshura 1 year ago
I was laughing, Good to be crazy.

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