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Tazahn 10 months ago
We looked at two houses yesterday and I'm in love. The Mr. is not crazy about driving 25 minutes to work and is "thinking about it". Don't think too long, buddy. The world is running out of houses.
Goltit 10 months ago
I was worried that she would begin so display of her pretty kitty in every movie from now on. I'm glad she didn't. I like it to keep it as as taunt with some surpriseing direct views. Keep up the good taunting Veronica. Nice movie.
Tojataxe 10 months ago
She's in my top 10 of the nastiest, sluttiest queens. Francesca always delivered sexier than fuck spectacles. They don't call her the snake charmer for nothing!
Feramar 10 months ago
Those titties make me want to eat pancakes

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