Wahoo facial equipment


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Nik 2 years ago
It would be sort of ok, if the man was not so terribly gross.
Vorisar 2 years ago
who is the lady at 0:01 ?
Faujin 2 years ago
I,guess he say.Fuk,this Blak hoe.Gay-for-pay,outta her butt into her PUZZY.INFECTION/Bacteria,time. Pussy-to-Ass,not the other way.
Zolok 2 years ago
Has psychology lost track of how complex, dynamic, and multivariate human behavior is? And oversimplified things? I find many people bash psychology and claim we are incredibly complex creatures much more so than we actually are, therefore psychological concepts and theories are assumed to not really apply in a widespread way. When will we begin to discuss, for example, the frequent commonalities in mass shooters?
Fenrilkis 2 years ago
would live to make videos never have besides the few i got on here i think it would be hot to make a video together

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